York Design Co Halloween

No matter where you live, make your place spooky for Halloween! The pastime of decorating pumpkins comes from Ireland. As the legend goes, Stingy Jacktricked the devil who sentenced Jack to wander in the dark night, with only  a piece of coal to light his way. Jack then carved face into a turnip, making a lantern to place his coal; hence the term Jack-O Lantern. For hundreds of years, the Irish carved faces into turnips and potatoes to scare away ghosts. Once the Irish immigrated to America, they brought the Jack-O Lanternwith them, but used the American pumpkin as a canvas instead.

Today, there are so many different ways to carve and decorate pumpkins. Some favorites include the classic Jack-O Lantern, the glitter pumpkin, and the Lilly Pulitzer pumpkin. To make your home even spookier, try some of these tricks! If you have big yard, decorate your driveway and entry way to guide trick-or-treaters to your doorstep. Luminaries are a great way to shine light on a dark and haunted night. You can even be festive if you live in a dorm or an apartment. Window stickers are great to place on any glass surface. Also, cutting out silhouettes of bats, cats, and spiders can spice up blank walls. You can make spooky door decals to warn guests to “bewareas they enter for Halloween treats or parties. Lastly, add a touch of festivity with a YDC accessory to celebrate the day. Happy Halloween!


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