York Design Co Bermuda Clutch


About a two-hour flight from New York City, Bermuda is the perfect tropical getaway for East Coasters. One of the best parts about Bermuda are the pink beaches, which are serene and beautiful. The weather averages are in the 80s during spring and summer months, and the temperature rarely drops below the 60s in the fall and winter. Our signature “Bermuda” clutch purse is inspired by Bermuda’s pink sandy beaches, framed by the clear blue waters and pastel-colored buildings.

In today’s roundup, we showcase some of our favorite parts about Bermuda with fun tropical snapshots and needlepoint borders. We love Beyonce’s colorful bikini/sarong combo from her vacation with her family on the island. We’re also inspired by the tried-and-true men’s office wear: a button-down shirt, sports jacket, knee socks, and Bermuda shorts. Of course, we couldn’t leave out the mopeds, which the natives and travelers alike use to scoot around the island (they appear on the back of our needlepoint clutch as well). If you’re ready for a quick getaway, check out Bermuda for the hot sun, pink sand, and great shopping in the capital city of Hamilton. Have you ever been to Bermuda? Where is your favorite vacation getaway?

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