The Mane Event: York Design Co Hair Styles

As we head back to school or work, we say good-bye to our beachy locks and resign to tying our hair out of faces. While running errands or spending hours in the office or library, there are so many different hair styles and accessories that can tame your mane. From clips, bobby pins, headbands, scarves, hats, and ribbons, there’s no reason to have a dull ‘do this autumn! Not only can you accessorize your hair, but there are so many different styles that are easy to do at home. With different variations of buns, braids and pony tails, you will never have a bad hair day again!

man event
Bow: H&M // Bobby Pins: Loft // Headband: York Design Co // Hat: Modcloth // Hair Elastics: The Twist Band // Top: Zara // Jeans: J.Crew // Booties: Toms // Earrings: Loris

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