Olympic Fashion and Accessories


The 2014 Winter Olympics may almost be over, but we haven’t lost any interest in the sports and athletes over in Sochi. And what better way to express your excitement for the games than to indulge in Olympic-inspired fashion trends? Show some support for the home team and rock the red, white and blue! There are plenty of options from footwear, to needlepoint, to make-up. Also try flaunting some gold and silver accessories for you’re favorite figure skaters, ski jumpers or snowboarders who have won.

Here are some Olympic inspired products you can pull ideas from, Sochi style:

1. Boots, Roper // 2. Lipstick, Chanel // 3. Needlepoint Cuff, York Design Co // 4. Cardigan, Ralph Lauren // 5. Sunnies, Dr. Boom’s

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