Manicure Monday

As you flip through the September issues of Vogue, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan, you can’t help but notice one thing they all have in common: fun fall manicure ideas. With the launch of Louboutin nail polish, the popularity of nail art, and the transition to autumn colors, there is no excuse to leave your hands un-manicured. Christian Louboutin iconic red soles were born when the designer used his assistant’s red nail polish to add some flare. Louboutin has now created 31 different nail colors that are launching this fall.

If you aren’t artistic, then nail polish sticks are an easy, long lasting alternative. For the creative crowd, nail pens and thin brushed paints can help you create the trending geometric nail art this autumn. Most importantly, the nail colors this season are very exciting. When the leaves change colors, we tend to dress in darker tones, however this fall’s nail polish choices will add some shimmer and shine to your ensembles as the days get cooler.


Essie // Butter // OPI // Urban Outfitters // Cult Nail // Sally Hansen // Cuff: York Design Co // Louboutin Heels // Louboutin Nail Laquer

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